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FasTrax Solutions Announces New POS Integration With Astro Loyalty

  • By Danielle Dixon
  • Oct 29, 2019
  • Retail Tools
FTx POS Announces New POS Integration

FasTrax Solutions, parent company of FasTraxPOS, unveiled its integration with Astro Loyalty

FasTrax Solutions is a provider of point of sale (POS) systems, in addition to several other technological retail solutions. The integration will allow pet retailers to easily maintain one database without having to coordinate double-data entry.

Astro Loyalty is a pet industry loyalty program. The platform allows small businesses to offer a frequent buyer program directly from the manufacturer. With the integration of Astro into FasTraxPOS, pet retailers will have the ability to manage, track and streamline the program with the click of a button.

“Integrating with Astro is going to help a lot of businesses save time because now they don’t have to collect coupons and keep track of two separate databases,” said Doug Nolan, FasTrax CEO.

Astro offers that are redeemed through FasTraxPOS, like designated products sold, automatically update purchase quantities and verify the loyalty sale. FasTrax POS automatically sends this data to Astro.

Currently, FasTrax Solutions focuses on POS systems for the retail industry. In addition to Astro Loyalty, FasTrax’s built-in loyalty program, Loyal~n~Save, also allow retailers customize their own in-store campaigns to acquire and retain loyal customers.

This article was written by FasTrax Solutions, a software solutions provider specializing in Retail POS, Warehouse Management Systems, Digital Marketing Solutions, and Customer Loyalty and Reward Solutions.

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A New Solution Coming To FasTrax

Danielle is a content writer at FTx POS. She specializes in writing about all-in-one, cutting-edge POS and business solutions that can help companies stand out. In addition to her passions for reading and writing, she also enjoys crafts and watching documentaries.

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A New Solution Coming To FasTrax

Matthew Davis is a content marketing specialist for FTx POS. With experience in marketing, brick-and-mortar retail, and ecommerce, Matthew enjoys writing about strategies and technology retailers can use to grow. Previously, he managed retail operations for a sports/entertainment facility and worked in marketing consulting.

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