Maximize Efficiency with Features from FTx POS Point-Of-Sale Software

Whether you run a convenience store, liquor store, tobacco shop, or pet store, our point-of-sale software is perfect for any industry. Our custom-built features make integration a breeze and our modern technology keeps your business ahead of the game. Choose FTx POS Systems and join a community of successful retailers who have experienced seamless growth.

Point of Sale (POS) Software Solution


A Point of Sale System That Accelerates Your Business

Optimize your business by streamlining all of your day-to-day operations. Easily customize your POS screen to fit your business needs, save time training employees with a user-friendly interface, and instantly meet company expectations and requirements for any industry!

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Increase Sales

Accomplish any and all tasks with integrated solutions using our all-in-one POS system! Turn your employees into sales superstars by giving them innovative tools to engage customers and increase turnover rate on slow-selling items.

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Prevent Loss

Prevent Loss

As a retailer or wholesaler, it’s crucial to protect your largest investment—your inventory. Our proprietary suggested order algorithm helps you identify how much stock you need on hand to keep your customers happy. Inventory control is indispensable for identifying and preventing theft, and we’ve got the tools for accurate tracking in real-time.

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Reduce Theft

Reduce cash loss investigation time by 90%. The SMARTtill cash drawer integrates with your point of sale to capture all cash activity in real-time and reconcile to sales made in-store.

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FTx POS System

Improve Decisions

Increase productivity with a unified back office and improve business decisions with detailed reports. With multiple filtering options, you can easily create custom sales and inventory reports to view your store's performance.

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FTx POS Software

Create Additional Revenue

75% of consumers say they favor companies that offer rewards. Turn first-time shoppers into loyal brand ambassadors with our built-in loyalty software solution that allows a cashier to sign up a new customer in seconds.

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FTx Identity

Integrated AI-Driven ID Verification

Reduce risks while giving your customers an integrated approach to age verification. Fully integrated with Point of Sale (POS) and Loyal-n-Save customer rewards programs. Control what you display and sell to underage customers.

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Age Verification AI-Driven ID
FTx Identity Platform
Increase Productivity With A POS System

Take Control
Of Your Business

Make your business a success! There's no one-size-fits-all approach with your business, and now there doesn't have to be. Whether you need a few quick tools or something more robust for long-term growth, we've got what it takes to power up any size operation—all tailored specifically for YOU!

Integrate FTx Uplift into your point of sale to help employees convert visitors into loyal customers by presenting the right offer at the right time.

Easily add digital signage to your customer-facing displays on your POS and automate your digital advertisements to increase conversions at checkout.

Serving Retail Industries

From convenience stores to pet
supply, we've got you covered!

Liquor store POS systems

Liquor Stores

Integrated Age Verification Technology (AVT) to reduce risks while selling age-restricted products, such as alcohol

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Pet store POS systems

Pet Supply

Manage all types of products, from pet toys and food to pet apparel and more, with just a few clicks

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Convenience store POS system

Convenience & Grocery Stores

Manage inventory for multiple locations easily, with real-time inventory updates and forecasting

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Retail POS systems

Grocery Store

Get started in minutes, making FTx POS the solution for new businesses to become profitable quickly

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Tobacco shop POS systems

Tobacco Shops

One-click scan data integration to simplify manufacturer data exports for tiers 2 & 3 incentives

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CBD POS systems

CBD & Wellness

Sell products you believe in, in-store and online with integrated inventory management of both channels

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Scan Data Incentive Program

Increase Your Income
Without The Extra Effort

Unlock hidden potential in your bottom line! Transform your earnings with cash back opportunities from scan data programs and multi-item discount deals at checkout.

  • Check icon Send scan data reports automatically
  • Check icon Earn additional incentives for reaching tier 2 & 3
  • Check icon Bring new business through your doors


Customers who enroll in the Loyal-n-Save rewards program spend an average of 16.1% more.

Refined and evolved by and for tobacco retailers for 15+ years. Used by the most recognized names in the smoke shop industry.

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From Our Clients

Appreciation From Our Clients

I’ve been using FasTrax since about 2014. It’s a very, very simple program to understand. My favorite feature of the software is the filtering options, where I have the ability to recharacterize thousands of items with just a few mouse clicks. I am also now able to make price changes in a more timely manner – before, it would take a day; now it takes an hour or less.

Tony Cooper

Tobacco Junction

Appreciation From Our Clients

We’ve actually been with FasTrax since 1999. We use them because they’re one of the few technology companies with POS systems that are built for the tobacco company, that started in the tobacco industry, and actually caters to what we do every day. I would recommend FasTrax because of the people, and at the end of the day, that’s what we’re all about.

Shon Ross

Nothin’ Butt Smokes

Appreciation From Our Clients

I would recommend FasTrax to just about anybody because of the ease of use of most of the functionalities, which are pretty user-friendly – and the support staff is great. We’ve been able to get a hold of our inventory control, pull the necessary reports we’ve needed, and just had better overall control of the whole entire company.

Jeff Samona

Wild Bill’s Tobacco

Tobacco Junction Smoke Shop
Nothing But Smoke Shop
Wild Bill's Tobacco & Vape Shop

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