Create New
Opportunities To
Sell At Checkout

An integrated POS upselling solution that helps you convert visitors into loyal customers by presenting the right offer at the right time.

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Double Your Sales Opportunities

Double Your Sales Opportunities

Never miss a chance to alert customers of the savings they could be making by encouraging them to add additional items to their order.

Improve Employee Performance

Improve Employee Performance

Give employees the tools to deliver upsell pitches with confidence with ready-made pop-ups that help deliver your company’s message.


Keep Your Customers Happy

Create contagious enthusiasm for products that will get your customers excited about in-store promotions.

Make It Easy For Your Customers To Get The Best Deals!

How does FTx Uplift work?

Automate your marketing campaigns with Uplift by easily selecting the product UPC linked to your promotional
campaign on the backend, enabling you to effortlessly apply discounts and promote products when specific barcodes
are scanned at checkout.

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With FTx Uplift, you can automate your marketing campaigns
POS Integration System

Incentivize Sales With POS Upsell Tools

Present eye-catching, informative advertisements on your customer-facing display in combination with a great sales pitch. Gamify your promotions by giving your cashiers the option to "Win" or "Lose" the upsell and let your employees earn a bonus with a dollar amount or percentage of each upsell they make.

Uplift Sales Report

Track Your Employees’ Success

Create an exciting, fun atmosphere across your retail chain by tracking each employee's successes and building friendly competition that drives sales. Reward excellence with recognition to motivate staff even further!

Get An Uplift Demo

Our upselling software makes increasing impulse sales at checkout as easy as 1-2-3. See how easy it is to turn your employees into sales superstars!

Customer Facing Display

Bring Your Promotions To Life

FTx Uplift integrates with FTx Digital Signage so you can entice your customers with attention-grabbing advertisements. Your customer-facing displays offer the perfect means to educate and inform customers about your promotions.

Once you create your Uplift, simply upload your advertisement by selecting the file from your computer. If you don’t have one already, you can use FasTrax’s free graphic design software, AdPro, to create one.

You can choose one of AdPro’s ready-made templates that corresponds to the size of your customer-facing display screen or build your advertisement from scratch. With a vast library of free stock photos and simple-to-use drag-and-drop tools, anyone can create a professional advertisement for their Uplift campaign.

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Serving Retail Businesses

From convenience stores to pet
supply, we've got retail software tools to help you!

Liquor store POS systems

Liquor Stores

Use POS-integrated Age Verification Technology (AVT) to reduce risks while selling age-restricted products

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Pet store POS systems

Pet Shops

Manage all types of products, from pet toys and food to pet apparel and more. Sell online or in-store with FTx POS.

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Convenience store POS system

Convenience Stores

Manage inventory for multiple locations in your POS with real-time inventory updates and forecasting

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Retail POS systems

Grocery Store

Get started in minutes. Use FTx POS for new retailers to become profitable quickly

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Tobacco shop POS systems

Tobacco Shops

One-click scan data integration to simplify manufacturer data exports for tiers 2 & 3 incentives

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CBD POS systems

CBD & Wellness

Sell products you believe in, in-store and online with integrated POS and inventory management

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Integrated Customer Loyalty Rewards Program

Boost your sales team's performance and generate excitement around your products and services.
Convert your loyal customers into brand ambassadors.

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