Gain valuable insights into your employees, time clock, and payroll. Inspire your employees to become sales magnets that boost and influence informed purchases.

Example Employee Reports
  • Employee Sales Report
  • Shift Reconciliation Variance Report
  • Employee Time Report
  • Time Clock Entries


View the performance of your marketing campaigns and grow your sales with insightful data insights. Make adjustments to your marketing to maximize the outcome and ROI of your campaigns.

Example Marketing Reports
  • Email Marketing Reports
  • Conversion Rate
  • Open / Click / Sale Reports
  • Best Sellers Report


Look into the behavior of your customers' purchases, repeat transactions, and trend data. Understand what your customers are buying and used to buy, and gain insights into what trends are shifting in your sales.

Example Customer Reports
  • Customer Activity Report
  • Customer Balance
  • Customer Enrollment Report
  • Customer Information Report
  • Customer Manual Balance Change Report
  • Customer Purchase Frequency Report
  • Customer Receipt Report
  • Customer Reward Tokens By Type Report
  • Customer Signup Source Report  
  • Customer Spending Details Report
  • Customer Store Banned Report
  • Customer Team Report
  • Source Campaign
In-Store & Online Sales

In-Store & Online Sales

Understand which items sell better in which stores, online, and more. Review detailed reports to help you make important business decisions in each sales channel you operate.

Example Sales Reports
  • 12 Week Sales
  • Buydown Sales
  • Commission Sales
  • CrossTab Sales
  • Daily Sales
  • Department Sales
  • Department Sales Comparison
  • Deposits
  • Flash Sales Report
  • Hourly Sales
  • Store Location Sales Report
  • Monthly Sales Report
  • Manufacturer Sales Report
  • Sales Trend / Comparison Report
  • Uplift Sales Report
  • System Discount
  • Top Sellers
  • Transaction Age Validation Statistics
  • Slow Sellers
  • Gift Card Sales Report
  • Negative Cashier
  • Negative Items
  • Non-Sellers
Inventory & Pricing

Inventory & Pricing

See sales impacts from pricing adjustments, understand average order values, and learn how to increase sales through discounts and promotions.

Example Operations Reports
  • Backorder Items Report
  • Cost Changes Between Dates
  • Cycle Count Coverage
  • Cycle Count Totals
  • Cycle Count Variances
  • Inventory Adjustment
  • Inventory Evaluation
  • Inventory Movement
  • Inventory Projection
  • Invoice Cost Change
  • Invoice Detail
  • Invoice Summary
  • Manual Adjustments Report
  • Out of Stock
  • Price Change Report
  • Purchase Analysis
  • Schedule Price Change Report
  • Store Override Price Report
  • Transfers
  • Transfers Cost Comparison


Automate ordering through suppliers with algorithmic accuracy. Using existing and trending sales data, eliminate deadstock and backstock orders in your inventory.

Example Supplier Reports
  • Vendor Report
  • Vendor Parts List Report
  • Product Pricing Report
  • Product Special Pricing Report
  • Product Projected Qty Required
  • Projected Product Sales / Time Period
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FTx Identity™

Integrated AI-Driven ID Verification

Reduce risks while giving your customers an integrated approach to age verification. Fully integrated with Point of Sale (POS) and Loyal-n-Save customer rewards programs. Control what you display and sell to underage customers.

Age Verification AI-Driven ID
FTx Identity Platform

Serving Retail Industries

From convenience stores to pet
supply, we've got retail software tools to help you!

Liquor store POS systems

Liquor Stores

Use POS-integrated Age Verification Technology (AVT) to reduce risks while selling age-restricted products

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Pet store POS systems

Pet Shops

Manage all types of products, from pet toys and food to pet apparel and more. Sell online or in-store with FTx POS.

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Convenience store POS system

Convenience Stores

Manage inventory for multiple locations in your POS with real-time inventory updates and forecasting

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Retail POS systems

Grocery Store

Get started in minutes. Use FTx POS for new retailers to become profitable quickly

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Tobacco shop POS systems

Tobacco Shops

One-click scan data integration to simplify manufacturer data exports for tiers 2 & 3 incentives

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CBD POS systems

CBD & Wellness

Sell products you believe in, in-store and online with integrated POS and inventory management

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