Product Release Notes

On Premise POS


Added logging for starting till details in shift recon
Added logic to handle lingering pre-pay fuel sales
Added logic to handle discounts on returns with a receipt for scan data reporting
Added logic to get/store LNS customers in the local DB
Added setting to prompt customer for debit or credit on pinpad when using PAX
Added cash discounting module
Added support for LNS swag shop digital coupons

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Added ability to filter by class and sub class in inventory evaluation report
Added support for auto price change from invoice cost changes
Added ability to start online transfer when in store mode
Added logic to update last cost in addition to avg on adjustments
Added EDI order format 29 for Oregon Liqour (OLCC)
Added logic to add "close out" item in adjustments to auto calculate qty and cost when moving items via adjustments

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Introduced database replication between secondary registers and primary
Adding support for Dymo Connect (newer models supported)
Minor fixes and improvements.

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Control Center


Added Single Pack Loyalty code for Scan Data purposes
Item Analysis Changes and Optimization on Product Edit Page
Item Sales Report - Filter by Reg # and Z # now possible
Corrections for Lottery Game Bin assignments when managing in Cloud
Backorder Improvements for Verified Invoices
Cursor Improvements for Keyboard Navigation on Transfers
Minor fixes and improvements

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