Age Verification AI-Driven ID
FTx Identity Platform

Integrated AI-Driven ID Verification

Reduce risks while giving your customers an integrated approach to age verification. Fully integrated with Point of Sale (POS) and Loyal-n-Save customer rewards programs. Control what you display and sell to underage customers.

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AI-driven Age Verification System


Verify Over 180+ Different Types of IDs

Reduce the risks involved with selling age-restricted products in your store with AI-driven age verification that does the hard work for you. Prevent fake IDs and fraudulent chargebacks before the transaction is complete. Verify in seconds and keep your business running smoothly.

QR Code In-Store Verification


QR Code In-Store Verification

Quickly proceed through checkout with a QR code verification. Once your customers have verified their ID, they can easily generate a new QR code and scan the code at the register. Their purchase will be authenticated instantly, while also collecting their loyalty reward tokens at the same time, automatically.

Identity Verification System


Verify Your Customer’s Age and Identity in Seconds

Customers can now join the digital age with a safe and secure identity verification process. A live selfie is taken and compared against the photo on your customer's ID to quickly unlock access – whether it be through a one-time password sent straight to their mobile device or by confirming a masked address from public records being used for authentication purposes. It’s never been easier – and more secure!

Biometric Scanning System


Compliance Made Easy

Reduce the friction of processing identity verifications in your KYC & AML process. Build more trust in your process by using additional verification measures, such as AI facial recognition and biometric scanning.

Identity Verification System in Real-Time

Identity Verification In Real-Time

  • Identity Verification for High-Risk Industries

    Improve your identity verification process using advanced AI-driven solutions that drive the highest levels of security for high-risk industries such as government clearance, financial approvals, international travel, and more.

  • Improve KYC / AML Compliance

    Know Your Customer (KYC) is deeper than what you can verify on a document. Having instant access to customer background data is crucial to providing complete transparency before you make an important decision, such as offering a home loan, financing a business, or selling a new car.

  • Eliminate Chargebacks

    Keep fraudulent orders at bay with age and identity verification at the time of purchase. High-dollar transactions, high-risk products, service contractors, and more. Know who you are working with before you accept their payments, guaranteeing they are responsible for the transaction, removing doubt.

Loyal n Save

Get Cash Back For Each Participant

  • Reach Tier 3 Scan Data Requirements

    Make it effortless for your customers to get EAIV approved. FTx Identity makes age verification a breeze, so get ready to cash in on the benefits!

  • Offer Stronger Discounts

    Once customers are approved they can enjoy access to exclusive discounts and coupons for top brands you sell.

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With our age and identity verification software, you can safeguard your business like never before! See how easy it is to keep your business compliant and let customers enjoy their digital ID.

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Verification Solutions for Age-Restricted Industries

Serving Age-Restricted

Feel confident that you
are remaining compliant
where human mistakes
can happen

Liquor store POS systems

Liquor Stores

Integrated Age Verification Technology (AVT) to reduce risks while selling age-restricted products, such as alcohol

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Convenience store POS system

Convenience & Grocery Stores

Simplify the age verification process at the cash register. Give your employees the confidence to know whether someone is permitted to purchase age-restricted products such as alcohol, medications, health supplements, and more.

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Nightclub & Bar Point of Sale System


Verify your guests' ages to ensure your venue stays compliant in a high-risk industry.

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Dispensary Point of Sale System


Check for fake IDs with AI-driven intelligence. Use a multi-check, government-recognized solution and eliminate the chance of human error.

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Tobacco shop POS systems

Smoke Shops

Verify whether your customers are legally permitted to purchase age-restricted items in your store and online. Reduce the risks in high-risk categories as well as qualify for higher tiers of scan data manufacturer incentives.

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Loyalty Rewards

Integrated Customer Rewards Program

Reduce extra sign-ins with a single sign-on integration between FTx Identity and Loyal-n-Save, giving over-age customers access to redeem their reward tokens for age-restricted freebies.

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