Uncork Profits with Our Nightclub & Bar POS System

Turn first-time sippers into loyal patrons with our cutting-edge bar POS system. All the tools you need in one bar point-of-sale: payments, inventory, loyalty and more.

Nightclub POS System
Point of Sale Systems for Bars

Raise the Bar with FTx POS

Forget clunky cash registers and endless spreadsheets. FTx POS for bars and pubs is more than just a checkout system – it's your secret ingredient to efficiency and growth.

  • Use integrated inventory tools to manage your stockroom right in your POS.
  • Streamline checkout and loyalty program onboarding to keep the drinks flowing.
  • Gain valuable insights and make data-driven menu and inventory decisions.
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Handheld Scanners for Bars

Stay Stocked with Beverage Inventory

Don’t let stockouts dampen your bar’s buzz! Our POS provides basic inventory tools to ensure you’re always ready to serve.

  • Track total quantities of liquor and beverage stock in your backroom.
  • Receive notifications when backstock levels fall below set thresholds.
  • Use your bar POS system to manage vendors and track invoices.
Nightclub Point of Sale System

Cheers to Lower Fees & Higher Profits

Ditch the sky-high credit card fees and toast to increased profits! Our nightclub & bar point of sale software is equipped with integrated payment processing, saving you money and boosting your bottom line.

  • Switch to FTx and we'll match or beat your current processing rates. Keep more money in your pocket!
  • No hidden fees, just clear and upfront pricing. You know exactly what you're paying.
  • Qualify for a discounted or free bar POS system when you use our integrated processing. Now that's a deal!
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I would recommend FTx POS to anybody due to the ease of use of most of the functionalities and the support staff is great. We’ve been able to get ahold of our inventory control, pull the necessary report, and have had better overall control of the entire company.

Jeff Samona

Wild Bill’s Tobacco

Boost Bar Revenue with Loyalty Magic!

Turn thirsty patrons into loyal regulars with our cutting-edge bar loyalty program and mobile app. Boost customer value by 16% and watch your profits rise like a perfectly crafted cocktail!

Loyalty Programs for Bars

Effortless Onboarding

Enroll customers online, in-store, or through the app – it's a breeze!

Personalized Perks

Design custom reward structures that fit your bar and entice repeat visits.

Smart Earning

Reward purchases, special events, social media engagement – the options are endless!

Manage Payroll with Ease

Ditch the paper punch and say goodbye to messy timesheets! FTx POS for bars includes a powerful time clock, making payroll a breeze.

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Effortless Login

No more bulky devices! Staff clock in directly at the POS terminal, freeing up space on your bar.

Fingerprint Security

Eliminate time theft and ensure accurate records with secure biometric login options.

Receipt Printer Reporting

Effortlessly sync your timeclock data with Excelforce payroll software or manually export it to your preferred payroll provider.

Bar POS's Integrated Age Verification System

Stay Compliant with Age Verification Solutions

Ensure safe and compliant service every time with our bar POS's integrated age verification system. Say goodbye to forgotten IDs and messy checks – it's time to embrace the future of responsible bartending!

  • Empower customers to create secure, age-verified digital wallet profiles on their smartphones. No more forgotten IDs!
  • Scan digital IDs or physical IDs with our integrated scanner, ensuring quick and accurate verification.
  • Create age-verified profiles within your POS, streamlining future interactions and building trust.

Customize Your Bar POS

Select the features you need to create a POS system for your watering hole. Our starter plans include CORE inventory, discounts, and basic reporting.

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Digital Signage for Nighclubs

Craft Cocktail Curiosity with Digital Signage!

Turn your bar into a sensory experience with dynamic digital signage tool! Go beyond static menus and engage your patrons with eye-catching visuals, promotions, and more.

  • Showcase your cocktail creations, appetizers, and specials with mouthwatering visuals and clear descriptions.
  • Highlight happy hour deals, seasonal drinks, and limited-time offers to drive sales.
  • Manage your displays with ease, scheduling content and promotions in minutes. No design expertise needed!

Bar POS Add-Ons

Browse our POS integrations. Every tool you need to grow your beverage business.

ftx-identity Logo

Age Verification

Easily verify IDs and ensure compliance for age-restricted sales in-store and online.

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FTxUplift Logo

Upselling Tool

Make impulse sales at checkout and turn employees into sales superstars!

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FTx Digital Signage Logo

Digital Signage

Increase brand awareness, boost sales, and grab your customers’ attention with engaging digital displays.

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warehouse Logo

Inventory Management

Increase order picking productivity, track your inventory, and automate your daily warehouse operations in real-time.

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Switch to FTx POS Today

Make the change! Build your bar business with POS software from FTx POS. Our 24/7 support staff will help you migrate smoothly.

  • Dedicated 24/7 support for migration, hardware setup, processing integration
  • Get help whenever you need it with training videos and resources
  • Personalized 1-to-1 migration help
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Point of Sale Software

Get 10% off your first 6 months with each new POS account!

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Bar POS Hardware

Upgrade Your Bar POS Hardware

Ready to transform your pub? Explore our hardware bundles, featuring everything you need from essentials to advanced solutions.

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Unlock Retail Success

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Smooth sailing! We handle migrations in 1-2 weeks, with our team guiding you every step. Focus on mixing magic and boosting profits!

Cloud-based software starts at $89/month, and flexible hardware packages fit your bar's unique needs. No sacrificing style for affordability.

Ditch third-party fees! Enjoy seamless, integrated card processing directly through FTx POS for bars. More competitive rates for more cocktail creations.

From sleek touchscreen systems to barcode scanners, we offer options to complement your bar's vibe. Create a functional and stylish checkout experience.

Flexibility is key! Month-to-month plans give you the freedom to access the software and cancel anytime. Try it out and see the transformation!

24/7 support is always included! Our friendly team helps with everything from onboarding and staff training to optimizing operations and maximizing your bar's potential. We're here to help you mix up success!