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Earn cash back each month through scan data programs and by offering your customers multi-item discount deals at checkout.

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Get notified via email about Altria’s monthly promotions. With just a quick review and approval, your pricebook and POS system will automatically update with accurate rates and duration of the promotions being offered.


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Digital Trade Program Requirements

Tier 1

  • Digital Trade Program Requirements pointsSubmit Altria Tobacco Operating Company (ATOC) scan data weekly no later than the final submission deadline.

Tier 2

  • Digital Trade Program Requirements pointsTier 1 requirements
  • Digital Trade Program Requirements pointsHave a retailer digital platform available to ATC's 21+
  • Digital Trade Program Requirements pointsUtilize Age Verification Technology (AVT) 
  • Digital Trade Program Requirements pointsParticipate in ATOC retail digital coupons
  • Digital Trade Program Requirements pointsExecute ATOC offers via non-styled communications placed in #1 position within retailer’s digital platform

Tier 3

  • Digital Trade Program Requirements pointsTier 1 & 2 requirements
  • Digital Trade Program Requirements pointsExecute ATOC responsible branded digital advertising requirements
  • Digital Trade Program Requirements pointsDemonstrate the functionality to deliver ATC 21+ value to specific ATC 21+ loyalty IDs
  • Digital Trade Program Requirements pointsExecute in-app digital advertisements viewable only by ATC's 21+ in the #1 position on retailer's digital platform

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<span>Tier 2</span> Incentives Met

Tier 2 Incentives Met

(Potential revenue per transaction)

  • Scan data incentive
  • Consistent loyalty ID (CID) incentive
  • Scan data maintenance incentive
<span>Tier 3</span> Incentives Met

Tier 3 Incentives Met

(Potential revenue per transaction)

  • EAIV incentive
  • ATC 21+ data incentive
  • Email marketing incentive
  • Digital data submission incentive
  • Tier 1 & 2 incentives

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With The FTx EAIV Bundle!

Scan Data Programs


Quick and accurate reporting with hassle-free compensation

  • Save time and simplify your process

    With FTx’s API integration working seamlessly with your point of sale system, you have the ability to track inventory, collect data, and make and send reports faster than ever before.

  • Full reimbursement for sales

    Eliminate third-party service fees and send reports directly to manufacturers so that you can keep the entire rebate for yourself.

POS Scan Data Reports


Fast and efficient way to verify your customers’ ages

  • Create a better shopping experience

    Discover your customers' interests and automatically notify them of new deals they won't want to miss.

  • Retain and grow your customer base

    Know who your customers are and offer them a personalized experience with coupons on their favorite items.


Reach more customers with in-app digital advertisements

  • Boost customer satisfaction and retention

    Automating loyalty rewards makes it easy to retain and grow your customer base, stimulate interest for new promotions, and create instant reward gratification.

  • Offer multi-item discounts

    With manufacturer buydowns, you can offer multi-can and multi-pack discounts on popular brand name items, allowing you to compete with some of the bigger national chains.

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Stay Ahead Of The Competition With Altria’s API

Surprise and delight your customers with instantaneous rewards when they checkout, tailored to their individual shopping habits with scan data. Contact us today to get started with your scan data program.

The Right Tools Make All The Difference

Start taking advantage of additional monthly earnings and brand-funded discounts! Create excitement around new deals, and easily maintain and grow your customer base with loyalty automation. Let customers enjoy their digital ID with Age Verification Technology (AVT)! With our scan data integration, you can easily monitor inventory while tracking valuable data - ensuring reports are always just one click away.

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