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Increase Revenue

  • Seamless eCommerce ordering
  • Impulse sales at checkout
  • Engaging digital in-store displays
  • Lottery sales integration
  • Non-branded fuel integration
  • Manufacturer scan data integration

Lower Costs

  • Low credit card processing
  • High-risk processing for age-restricted businesses
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Reduce shift time and cash loss investigation
  • Supports eCommerce transactions

Grow More Customers

  • Integrated loyalty hybrid app (Web/iOS/Android)
  • Proactively alert customers of current sales
  • Multiple fulfillment options for shopping
  • Convenient hands-free or digital ID verification
  • White label retail app

Improve Decision Making

  • Over 100 types of business reports
  • Real-time data aggregation
  • Automate routine daily tasks in Control Center
  • Advanced business intelligence tools

Simplify Operations

  • Real-time inventory from all stores, including eCommerce
  • Employee time clock and payroll management
  • Wireless Handheld Unitech inventory scanner
  • Integration with Altria’s API to automate the creation of their discounts and buydowns

Reduce Your Risks

  • AI-driven age verification in-store
  • Backup and data recovery
  • Industry-leading encryption
  • Reduce chargebacks with identity verification
  • Protect time clock abuse with a biometric fingerprint scan

Running Your Business Should Be A Breeze

Create A Custom Interface

Easily customize each screen and add as many new ones as you like. A single button allows you to nest multiple items, making transactions simpler and faster.

Take Control Of Your Inventory

Automatically generate accurate order suggestions by using proprietary algorithms, and boost profits by improving the flow of products into your stores.

Mass Update Price Changes

Save time and update discounts and display screens from any device with the click of a button, and ensure price changes across all locations in seconds.

Point of Sale Add-Ons

Choose from a handful of integrations that can be combined to maximize your profit-generating potential!

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SMARTtill Cash Management Solution

“Every year, businesses lose $50 billion as a result of employee theft.”

SMARTtill cash drawer

Reduce cash loss investigation time by 90%

The SMARTtill cash drawer integrates with your point of sale to capture all cash activity in real-time and reconcile to sales made in-store.

SMARTtill point of sale setting

No more chasing overages and shorts

View reports and automate email or SMS text security alerts on cash errors, and gain key insights into cash transaction movements for each register.

SMARTtill reports

Save up to $7,000+ a year per POS

Reduce shift times and save a minimum of $20 per day per POS. $20 a day x 356 days a year - $300 cost per year = $7,000

Inventory Control System

Inventory Control Tailor-Made For Lottery

Are you operating a store that sells lottery tickets? If your store is presently using a paper method of tracking and reconciling lottery sales, FTx Lottery will automate the process for you.

  • See at a glance which games are active
  • Easily activate new books when a book number for a game changes
  • View cashier detail reports to identify errors in payouts
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Unlock New Opportunities From Scan Data Incentives

Maximize your earnings with Altria's discounts and monthly payment options.
Become a preferred tier 2 or tier 3 provider for their scan data program.

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Save 10% on your first 6 months with every new Point of Sale account!

  • Digital security interface.
  • Force safe drops.
  • Age validation on receipt.
  • All cashier activity is permission-controlled, logged, and reportable.
  • Biometric fingerprint security.
  • Configurable cashier permissions.

  • Drawer reconciling.
  • Track cashiers’ negative actions (voids, no sales, price changes, returns).
  • Pay outs, pay ins, safe drops, starting tills, and loans.
  • Limit access to specific keys/functions.
  • Force safe drops.
  • Multiple cash drawer capability.
  • Register X and Z functions.
  • Create and save suspended sales for large preorders and resume them later.

  • Configurable discounts automatically triggered by sell dates/quantities.
  • $ Off each item.
  • % Off each item.
  • Buy “X” get “Y” free.
  • “X” items for “Y” dollars.
  • Pik-Pak pricing.
  • BOGO deals will automatically discount the lowest-priced item.

  • Inform customers of current sales or upcoming specials.
  • Suggest add-ons and upsells.
  • Remind customers of your loyalty program.
  • Thank customers for their patronage.
  • Create a rotating schedule of ads for multiple promotions.

  • Built-in time clock utility.
  • Use fingerprints as identification to eliminate “buddy punching.”
  • The Time Clock report indicates manual entries (manual ID and password entry) for prompt identification of misuse.

  • Save on your current processor with FTx Card Payments
  • Utilize Datacap NETePay with current processor and processing hardware.
  • Requires integration from your current processor with Datacap NETePay.
  • Choose the processor that best suits your company’s needs.

  • A closed-loop gift card module is built into our system to give you the ability to accept your own custom gift cards.
  • Any type of card with a unique identifier or barcode will work.
  • Avoid transaction fees.
  • Cards can be sold, loaded, have their balances checked, and tendered by specific or all locations of your choosing.
  • View gift card activity and balances right from the main terminal!

  • Having a reliable “always ready” POS system allows you to instantly begin utilizing changes made from corporate without interrupting business at the store with program restarts or exits.
  • The “offline mode” allows the continuation of sales operations in the event that communication with the store-level databases is interrupted.

  • Create and assign tasks for your employees to complete.
  • Receive notifications when assigned tasks are completed.

  • Sign up customers for loyalty discounts and loyalty campaign couponing!
  • Use the 2D barcode scanner to scan a driver’s license and instantly add a loyalty customer!
  • Great for manufacturer-sponsored campaigns requiring customers’ purchase histories.

  • Integrated messaging system facilitates communication between your corporate office and retail locations.
  • Utilize the attachment functions and eliminate unnecessary emailing.

  • Run commission-based campaigns and allow your employees to earn from supported items.
  • Create a level of competitiveness with stores and employees by using the leaderboard to view employee ranks in their store, the company, and their store’s rank in the company!

  • Automatic handling of breakdowns for purchase to sub-unit (parent to child) inventory associations.
  • Quickly create orders, receive invoices, and create store transfers from the POS home screen!

  • Automatically apply scheduled manufacturer buydowns.
  • Schedule buydowns to automatically start/stop on specified dates.

  • Proactively alert customers to potential promotions and additional deals through automated register notifications.
  • Provide custom dialogue for your cashiers to communicate the details of additional discounts and promotions to customers through an informative pop-up!
  • With the option to "Win" and "Lose" the upsell, gamify your promotions and create friendly competition among your employees where everyone wins!
  • Using customer facing displays, prompt advertisements to further educate and alert customers of potential upsells and promotions!
  • Create scheduled campaigns and automatically apply discounts or promote items when dynamic thresholds are met.
  • No need for redundant communications; set up your dialogue, and cashiers simply need to read the script!

Select the right plan for your business needs

Deciding on a plan for your business is an important decision. Let us help you find the perfect fit—explore all available options to see which works best with your unique needs!


  • Core discounts
  • Core reporting
  • Core inventory management
  • Shift reconciliation
  • Customized panels
  • Customizable taxes/tenders
  • Permissions & roles
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  • All core plan features
  • Corporate support & store messaging
  • Mass update capability
  • Multi-zone pricing
  • EDI functionality
  • Inventory counts
  • Store transfers
  • Advanced discounts
  • Manufacturer discounts
  • Employee time clock
  • Advanced reporting
  • Manufacturer loyalty & scan data
  • Loyalty integration
  • Ecommerce integration
  • Payroll integration
  • Sale limits & time restrictions
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  • All pro plan features
  • Automated & suggested ordering
  • Automatic EDI receiving
  • Employee incentives & commissions
  • Employee scheduling
  • Digital signage integration
  • Integrated gift cards
  • Accounting integration
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Hardware Add-ons

Customer-Facing Display

Customer Facing Display

Deliver exceptional experiences to customers and value to your business with this sleek display that you can use to showcase receipts, ads, and more.

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SMARTtill Cash Drawer

SMARTtill Cash Drawer

The SMARTtill device connects to FTx POS to calculate and deliver the value held inside the drawer in real-time.

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An eye-catching, compact receipt printer designed to dazzle alongside your FTx POS System.

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Barcode Scanner

The barcode scanner can function as a camera by capturing entire images or image portions of labels, signatures, digital coupons, and other items.

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Bundle & Save

Save Up To $500 Per Bundle!

Get ready to transform your store! Our hardware bundle includes
everything you need to create a sleek and modern store setup.

  • HP Engage One Pro 15.6″ Display
  • HP Engage 14” Customer-Facing Display
  • HP Engage Imaging Barcode Scanner
  • HP Thermal Receipt Printer And Cable
  • HP Cash Drawer OR SMARTtill Cash Drawer
  • HP Keyboard and Mouse

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Serving Retail Industries

From convenience stores to pet
supply, we've got you covered!

Liquor store POS systems

Liquor Stores

Integrated Age Verification Technology (AVT) to reduce risks while selling age-restricted products, such as alcohol

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Pet store POS systems

Pet Supply

Manage all types of products, from pet toys and food to pet apparel and more, with just a few clicks

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Convenience store POS system

Convenience & Grocery Stores

Manage inventory for multiple locations easily, with real-time inventory updates and forecasting

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Retail POS systems

Grocery Store

Get started in minutes, making FTx POS the solution for new businesses to become profitable quickly

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Tobacco shop POS systems

Tobacco Shops

One-click scan data integration to simplify manufacturer data exports for tiers 2 & 3 incentives

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CBD POS systems

CBD & Wellness

Sell products you believe in, in-store and online with integrated inventory management of both channels

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