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November 2018 Software Update: POS V2.42/ Director V388

  • By Danielle Dixon
  • Nov 7, 2018
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November 2018 Software Update

To all of you that participated in FTx beta campaigns and preliminary version(s) evaluations… THANK YOU! We have been very busy here at Fastrax Solutions. This latest update contains many new features and include enhancements as well as several performance improvements and numerous performance, functionality, and UI enhancements!

This update will be automatically performed on Monday November 12th, 2018, at 2AM CST and Monday, November 19th, at 2AM CST. Please ensure your computers are not shutdown during these times/dates.

We will be offering a live Webinar on Thursday, November 8th, 2018 at 9:00am CST to give an overview of the software update. The webinar will then be archived and uploaded to the Webinar page for reference later

If you have any questions about the update process, details of the package, or best practices in utilizing new features, please contact our Lifeline analysts at 256-319-3470 or email ( You can also visit Product News for more details and change-logs as well as our Lifeline page for links to system videos and documentation.

POS V242

  • New Coupon Type— Give customers loyalty coupons for a percentage off, rather than just a flat dollar amount
  • New Campaign Type— Create “Ads” campaigns to inform customers of upcoming loyalty promotions
  • Add company logos to loyalty coupons
  • Loyalty Lookups in the POS now default to the last lookup method used
  • Cancel/Voids— Added an option to prompt cashier to enter notes when canceling sales & voiding items
  • Added an option to schedule an automatic Z out in case your cashiers forget
  • Lottery— Added logging if the starting ticket numbers are altered
  • Cashier is now prompted to finalize a reconciliation when they save it
  • Direct integration added for Heartland
  • iCMP and iSMP4 support for First Data Rapid Connect
  • Set a max number of skipped drops to ensure cashiers are performing drops as needed
  • After scanning an item for a price check, switch to its parent or child item with one click
  • Set POS to allow sales of restricted items to people 21 and over unless the were 18 before a specified date
  • Initiate a transfer from any store and have corporate approve the transfer before the stores can proceed


  • Added “Preview” of Enhanced Loyalty Coupons
  • Delete unused coupons from a customer’s account
  • Manually add points to a customer’s account
  • Add items to a Loyalty Coupon quickly and easily through Mass Updates
  • Demographics Analysis— see loyalty customers by age/gender or loyalty sales by age/gender
  • Added Points Earned Report to show loyalty points earned by customer/store
  • Added ability to mass-remove items from a campaign
  • Customer Balances Report— (new report) Shows customer balances in each Enhanced Loyalty balance type
  • Group by store in Enhanced Loyalty campaign activity reports
  • Time Clock Report— Summary option
  • Item Sales Report— Option to run just for a specific day of the week
  • Price Change Report— (new report) Shows price changes over time for specified items
  • Cycle Count Report— Item description now wraps to second line if it’s too long for the allotted space
  • Top Sellers— Option to rollup links when running by vendors/discounts
  • Inventory Eval Report— Ability to group by sub-category
  • Register Z Report— Tax exempt sales to report
  • Favorite Reports— Ability for the reports to “remember” which stores were selected
  • Scheduled Reports— Option to have scheduled reports sent in Excel, Word or PDF format
  • Slow Sellers Report— Ability to use the vendor part qty as the threshold for including an item on the report
  • Purchase Analysis Report— Added ability to group by report group 1
  • Employee Dept Sales Report— (new report) Shows department sales grouped by employee
  • Item Multiples Report— (new report) Shows how many times an item was bought as singles, 2x, 3x, etc. on the same transaction
  • Buydown Sales Report— Added “Details Format” when running report on invoice data
  • Employee Loyalty Sales Report— (new report) Shows number of qualifying items and discounted items sold by employee
  • Cycle Count Detail Report— Added grand totals for each column in the report
  • Inventory Invoice Report— Created new report under Purchase Analysis
  • Discounts can now be applied to an entire Department or Category
  • Limit Loyalty System Discounts to a fixed number per customer per day
  • Charge tax on the full price of items in a system discount
  • Create Inventory Clearance Discounts to sell through discontinued item faster
  • Buy X Get Y Percent Off (new discount type)
  • Apply a commission campaign to an entire Department or Category
  • Added Pricebook Zone selection to Commissions Campaigns
  • The Hybrid Reorder Method can now be filtered by Category rather than just by department
  • List All Items with Replenishment— (new order type) Lists all items from vendor and shows suggested reorder quantities based on units sold
  • Added a filter to the lottery games list
  • Added ability to deactivate multiple games at once
  • Added ability to set exceptions by percentage
  • Add a disclaimer to any department which will print on all POS receipts for items in that department
  • Push corporate Director settings to stores for easier setup of new locations
  • Added “Orphaned Links” utility to find and repair broken item links
  • Added a button to lockout all departments
  • Receiving— Added ability to sort by “Verified” column in Previous Invoices list
  • Added a button to copy an existing invoice
  • Added ability to set a max number of hours each employee can be scheduled per week

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