7 Holiday Digital Signage Design Ideas to Help Drive Sales

  • By Danielle Dixon
  • Nov 9, 2023
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christmas digital signage content ideas for retail

During the holiday season, shoppers are surrounded by cozy smells like cinnamon and balsam. But they’re also extremely busy. Holiday digital signage offers a way for businesses to stand out and capture attention.

And here’s the thing: Digital signage works. According to one survey of 1,000 consumers, 75% said they had bought something in the past, because a sign caught their eye. Further, about the number of consumers said effective signage reflects the quality of the business and the products they sell.

In other words,  effective retail holiday signage can be a powerful sales driver. It can help you:

  • Advertise gift cards
  • Introduce new holiday products
  • Reinforce your brand’s message and voice
  • Promote popular holiday gifts
  • Generate awareness for sales and events
  • Capture customer attention

But what types of holiday signs will help you stand out? Ultimately, Christmas-themed digital signage content typically needs to match the charm, allure, and magic of the season with sales and product messaging. It’s not an easy task. However, if you get your digital signage right for the holidays, you can expect a lift in sales.

Digital Signage Design Ideas

Effective Christmas Digital Signage Design Ideas

If there’s one rule, it’s this: Be creative! Whether you’re creating a holiday sale sign, or you want to increase awareness to a specific promotion or seasonal product, you can make your signs more effective and engaging with these design elements:

1. Snowfall Effect

Craft a serene snowy backdrop with a gently falling snow effect for your signage. This subtle animated overlay evokes a cozy and festive ambiance, enhancing the holiday spirit. The visual charm of softly falling snow adds a delightful touch, captivating viewers with its seasonal allure.

2. Countdown Timers

We’ve all seen or probably made our own countdown timers, whether it’s for an upcoming vacation to Hawaii or for a cousin’s eagerly expected baby shower. Introduce countdown timers to Christmas, instilling excitement and urgency for holiday promotions. These timers create anticipation, driving engagement and a sense of immediacy, effectively amplifying the appeal of special offers or events, captivating audiences as the holiday approaches.

3. Themed Templates

Leverage themed templates adorned with classic holiday symbols – snowflakes, Santa Claus, reindeer, Christmas trees, ornaments, and presents. These traditional elements infuse a festive touch, enhancing the visual appeal and resonating with the joyful spirit of the holiday season on your digital signage.

Picture this: A captivating scene unfolds with a festive red and green backdrop. Santa Claus cheerfully presents a platter decorated with a dozen buffalo chicken wings alongside a large, tempting pizza pie. This delightful visual not only embodies the holiday spirit but also serves as a compelling promotion for the pizzeria’s enticing $20 Tuesday special.

4. Product Showcases

Show your products or services in a holiday-themed setup to highlight their suitability as perfect gifts for the season. This approach effectively illustrates their relevance and appeal during the festive period, capturing attention and encouraging customers to consider them as perfect holiday presents.

5. Social Media Integration

Incorporate user-generated content or social media feeds showing how people are celebrating or interacting with your brand during the holiday season. Integrate user-generated content and social media feeds into your holiday digital signage, showcasing customers celebrating or engaging with your brand. This plan creates a feeling of togetherness and genuineness, inviting viewers to be part of the holiday talk and building a stronger bond between your brand and its audience.

Consider this scenario: If you operate a skincare boutique, a satisfied customer might promote your brand on Facebook or Instagram. They could tag your business page while expressing their delight with the Christmas-themed sheet masks you’ve created for the holiday season.

6. Video Content

Use brief, compelling videos featuring holiday-themed content for your digital signage. This may include behind-the-scenes glimpses, heartwarming narratives, or festive greetings from your team. These videos captivate audiences, adding an engaging and emotionally resonant touch to your holiday displays.

7. Dynamic QR Codes

Integrate dynamic QR codes in your digital signage leading to exclusive holiday offers or content. These codes prompt instant engagement, encouraging viewers to access special promotions swiftly. Their interactive nature enhances audience participation, driving immediate interaction and interest during the festive season.

For instance, if you own a steakhouse, your customers can easily scan a QR code provided on the menu. This code grants them immediate access to explore your exclusive, limited time treat: the freshly crafted holiday special, a delightful pumpkin pie cheesecake.

Looking for more tips? Check out our digital signage design tips for ideas to make your signage more engaging.

digital signage for the Christmas season

Tips for Prepping Your Digital Signage for the Holidays

You should have a plan in place for your retail holiday signage. Typically, you can begin to introduce elements in early November, and then increase your holiday messages as Christmas approaches.

Here are a few tips to help plan and prepare your retail holiday sale signs and digital signage banners for the holiday shopping season:

1. Plan Ahead

Starting early planning for Christmas digital signage involves outlining themes, messages, and promotions. This strategic approach allows time for content creation, brand alignment, and operational readiness, providing a competitive edge. It ensures a polished, engaging, and well-prepared holiday display for effective audience engagement.

2. Festive Refresh

Refresh your digital content to embrace the holiday vibe. Replace routine promotions with seasonal offers, Christmas-themed imagery, and messages. This update creates an engaging and festive atmosphere, attracting customers with relevant and visually appealing content for the holiday season.

3. Focus on Festive Visuals

Infuse holiday-specific visuals like snowflakes, Santa, reindeer, and ornaments into your displays. These Christmas-themed elements create a spirited atmosphere, resonating with the festive season. Using such imagery ensures your digital signage captivates audiences, evoking the joyful spirit of the holidays for an engaging experience.

4. Engage Emotionally

Create emotionally resonant content for the holiday season. Share heartwarming narratives, employ nostalgic imagery, and spread messages of joy and goodwill. Connecting on an emotional level enhances audience engagement, fostering a memorable and meaningful experience, aligning with the spirit of the festive season.

5. Schedule Content

Carefully plan scheduling digitial signage content for Christmas shopping. Regularly update and rotate your messages to keep them fresh and relevant. For example, you can use day-parting to change your messages at specific times throughout the day.

A well-thought-out content schedule keeps your digital signage engaging and aligned with the evolving holiday season, maximizing its impact and effectiveness.

6. Ensure Readability and Clarity

Prioritize readability and clarity in your digital signage. Opt for clear fonts and contrasting colors that ensure messages are easily discernible, even from a distance. This simple but crucial step guarantees that your content effectively communicates and engages the audience, maximizing its impact during the holiday season.

7. Test and Monitor

Before the holiday rush, conduct thorough testing of your digital signage to ensure seamless operation. Continuously monitor displays for technical glitches and content relevance. This proactive approach ensures a smooth and flawless presentation, addressing any issues and guaranteeing a captivating and trouble-free holiday display.

8. Stay True to Branding

While celebrating the festive spirit, maintain your brand’s identity. Blend Christmas digital signage with your brand’s colors, logos, and tone. This cohesive approach guarantees a holiday-themed display that not only spreads cheer but also preserves your brand’s recognition and familiarity among customers.

9. Promote Seasonal Events

Highlight your business’s seasonal events on digital signage. Showcase these activities to attract attendees, whether you’re hosting or participating in holiday events. This promotion on your displays effectively draws attention, encouraging participation and engagement during the festive season.

Wrapping It Up

The right Christmas digital signage content will help you increase customer engagement, during the busy holiday shopping season. Remember, most holiday shoppers have a list and want to get in an out. Signage can help you drive awareness and get customers to consider a product they might not have.

Ultimately, creating great Christmas digital signs doesn’t just influence your customer’s sentiment towards your brand. It can help make the experience memorable, and create a lasting impression that drives sales and long-term loyalty.

Here at FTx POS, we offer comprehensive solutions for creating the lush ambiance you desire. FTx Digital Signage, in combination with AdPro (our design tool), can help you achieve the perfect holiday atmosphere you’re seeking. To get started, reach out to us today to schedule a consultation and experience a demo!

Get into the Christmas spirit this holiday season with FTx Digital Signage!

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