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  • By Danielle Dixon
  • Jul 23, 2020
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Free AdPro

You own a retail store. You invested in digital signage. You mounted brand-new screens throughout your store. Now comes the fun part–creating the content that will be displayed on those screens. You need to design compelling digital content for your in-store signs that both informs and engages your customers. Do you have the right software in place?

Get noticed and implement effective in-store product and service advertisements with FTx AdPro, the digital signage content creation tool that just so happens to be free throughout the remainder of 2020.

The content displayed on your digital signs will only have an impact on your shoppers if the messages that are being communicated are relevant and compelling. Luckily, AdPro is the best, user-friendly, graphic design software built specifically for digital signage. You can quickly create professional-looking digital content using our extensive library of industry-themed templates and images. 

Because FTx AdPro graphic design software was engineered to deliver professional results regardless of the user’s design experience or skill level, you can easily generate digital content for your in-store signs, including menus, sales, special promotions, announcements & alerts, wayfinding maps, and whatever else you can think of! This design software features simple-to-use tools such as drag and drop widgets, pre-designed layouts, and context sensitive options that will guide you through the design process. And best of all, the content you generate will display beautifully on your in-store digital signs because FTx AdPro seamlessly integrates with Digital Signage, including FasTrax Solutions Digital Signage.

What else can FTx AdPro be used for? In addition to sending your digital content to your in-store display signs, you can also send your professional-looking ads and graphics to your POS system’s customer-facing screens. Take advantage of sales trends, promote slow-moving items, and engage your customers throughout the check-out process with relevant promotions and add-on products and services that they’re likely to want.

You can also use our free AdPro trial throughout the remainder of 2020 to create stunning social media content. Advertising and posting your promotions and product offerings with consistent, high-quality images on social media will solidify your brand identity and contribute to brand loyalty among your customers. Deploy your designs directly to your retail store’s social media accounts or simply download your designs from the software as an image (.JPG, .PNG, or .PDF file formats) and upload them as posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media accounts. Either way, when consumers see your ads, your company logo, and your branding in multiple places, i.e. inside your store, on your customer-facing POS system screens, on your website, and on various social media platforms, your efforts to get your store, brand, and sales out there will be a success, and all the while your retail store will become more and more memorable in the minds of consumers.


  • Displays high res, engaging images, graphics, and video directly to your digital signs
  • Choose from over 1,000 pre-designed, industry-specific templates
  • Peruse an expansive photo library to build your ads from the ground up
  • Customize your ads with layering tools and intuitive navigation like the pros
  • Select eye-catching animation graphics to increase customer engagement and sales
  • Design and edit your ads from anywhere using our cloud-based FTx Control Center
  • Create branded images for print, web, email marketing, and social media campaigns Signing up for your free trial of Adpro is fast and easy, and you will not have to provide any payment information or agree to an automatic subscription once the trial ends. You won’t have to download anything onto your computer or device, either. All that is required is your name, contact information, and the name and website of your retail store. THOUSANDS OF TEMPLATES You will have access to thousands of editable menu and promo templates that you can easily drag and drop to swap for your branded content! FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE MENUS You are in control with changeable backgrounds, gradients, fonts, and photos! Replace stock images with your own and then simply change our pre-filled pricing information! DESIGN YOUR ADS ANYWHERE Using our cloud-based AdPro dashboard, you can create menus, ads, and even social media content from anywhere to keep your customers and staff informed and engaged! EXPORT YOUR BRANDED IMAGES Reach your customers even when they can’t come to your retail store by exporting your designs and using the image files for your social media posts and on your website! Now more than ever, it’s vital to meet your customers where they are, even if they’re at home on the internet. Digitize your in-store menus, promotions, and announcements to better communicate with consumers! Sign up for your free AdPro trial and use this professional yet easy-to-navigate cloud-based software throughout the remainder of 2020 at absolutely no cost or commitment! Included in your free trial, you will have full & free access to FTx Lifeline, our technical support system that comes chalk-full of webinars that will walk you through the how-to process of getting started with AdPro. The AdPro Lifeline video tutorials and webinars provide step-by-step information to assist you in getting the absolute most out of this cloud-based, advertisement-building software. There isn’t a single downside to signing up for AdPro and taking advantage of our free trial offer! If you would like to learn more, speak to a FasTrax marketing strategist, or receive direct assistance in using this free cloud-based software, then visit the Contact Us page of our website! We look forward to speaking with you!

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A New Solution Coming To FasTrax

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