Efficient Strategies to Promote Impulse Buying and Spontaneous Shopping

  • By Danielle Dixon
  • Feb 24, 2023
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We all know the feeling of walking into a mall. We’re surrounded by the sound of incessant chatter, the aroma of fresh salted pretzels, and the excitement of purchasing a new-brand batch of clothes from our favorite stores. However, it’s inevitable that we spot an item we can’t resist, one that was certainly not on our shopping list. Let’s consider an example. You just found those wedge sandals you’ve been meaning to get for weeks. You’re on the checkout line and all of a sudden, your spot a pair of plush ruby red slippers and right above them are a digital display advertising the store’s brand-new assortment of fluffy slippers. Do you need necessarily need them? No. But they’re cute and you might want to wear them while doing chores on a Saturday morning. You buy them. You can’t resist.

Since malls are surrounded by a variety of appealing items and eye-catching digital advertisements that entice onlookers in, the concept of impulse buying is nothing new. However, many businesses are discovering that offering only a few products close to the checkout is no longer sufficient because customers are being flooded with more product promotions than ever before. The kiosks that can be seen all over the mall are another noteworthy observation made by many. It’s not unusual to see a row of kiosks selling everything from ice cream cups to eyelashes. The bright screen promoting the products has a certain eye-catching quality, and nowadays having a digital signage system is commonplace for most businesses.

Digital signage has started to appear in a wide range of establishments (not only malls), including gas stations, pet bakeries, and essential oil shops. Those vibrant screens that are seen throughout a store have a certain allure. Digital signage encourages impulse purchases, which is one of the merchandising strategies it utilizes to boost sales. After all, according to reports, over 87% of US shoppers are said to make impulsive purchases, and over 50% of all grocery sales are reportedly driven by impulsivity. Digital signage is a powerful tool for more than just attracting customers—it can also boost revenue. But how precisely is this achieved? We’ll go through some tried-and-true approaches in this blog to help you maximize your available space and boost impulse buys at the checkout counter.

Recognize the Value of Location

When it comes to presenting them, it’s important to pay great attention to where your impulse buy items are displayed in your business. Customers must eventually visit the checkout area to pay for their selected items, but they typically have some time to look around while they wait for the cashier. Imagine that you want to advertise a brand-new chocolate bar with a Halloween theme. So that it is within their grasp, place it at the counter or near the counter’s edge. Better yet, advertise it using a digital signage management system so that they can’t possibly miss it. You could even add a dancing, spooky bat and vibrant colors to further catch their eye.

Make Sure That Everything is at Eye Level

Placing everything at eye level is another crucial component of successfully showcasing your impulse-buy goods. Think about all the times you visited, say, a hair salon. The shop will typically exhibit a certain product at the front that they intend to sell, whether it’s a new product or a slow-moving one, directly within your view as you pay for your services. A hair salon business can strategically arrange a product or items adjacent to a digital display that promotes the advantages of the product using the capabilities of digital signage software solutions. Because of this, it’s crucial to ensure that your products are easily seen by your customers and are priced appropriately for the average person. It’s very likely that customers wouldn’t notice it if it were hidden from their view and put on a shelf farther back in the store.

Get Your Team Involved

Why not motivate your workers to support increasing impulse purchases since they help represent the heart and mission of your business? You can train your staff to suggest a related item to the one the customer is considering or has already bought, which could lead to an increase in impulse sales.

Think About Attempting Cross-Merchandising

Another clever way to encourage impulsive purchases is to cross-merchandise products or combine them with related items that you are aware your customers frequently purchase. Let’s imagine, for instance, that you run a beach shop. You could put those recently purchased locally manufactured potato chips on display next to the row of sunscreens, which would make it much easier to sell these small, affordable things as impulse buys.

Direct Customers to Add-On Purchases with Digital Signage

Consider integrating digital signage that provides a friendly reminder for necessary items such as suggesting photographic developer for that vintage camera a customer just purchased at your photography shop, or perhaps a date of an upcoming holiday within the next few days. As mentioned earlier, customers are more likely to make that impulse buy if the product is right in front of them and they don’t have to walk to a different area of the store. In this instance, you could display the photographer developer at the checkout to motivate the customer to purchase it along with their camera.

Encourage Customers to Think About Making Additional Purchases

Digital signage at the checkout will entice visitors to make a last-minute impulsive purchase whether they are placing an order at their local drive-thru restaurant, shopping at a nearby department store, or shopping for groceries at their neighborhood market. At the checkout counter, a customer may be picking up their local favorite Hawaiian pizza when they spy a mouthwatering molten lava cake on the digital display. Although they initially didn’t feel the need for that chocolatey deliciousness, they are now inclined to add it to their order. Group your impulse buy items together and sell them at a reasonable, low price. You might even think about offering a bundle promo, which would give customers the impression that they are getting a great deal. Another strategy for attaining bundled pricing is to offer a “buy one, get one” (BOGO) deal on, say, pizza pies. Impulse buyers looking for a good deal find these deals nearly impossible to resist.

Integrate a Range of Digital Signage to Encourage Impulse Buys

When it comes to in-store digital signage that will persuade customers to make an impulsive, last-minute purchase, there are several possibilities to take into account. Digital signage becomes more engaging by using dynamic messages and pictures to boost the number of messages created for customers. Streaming video and digital signs are excellent chances to grab their attention. A flat countertop display right at the register is possibly the best method to encourage that final impulse purchase.

Want to start promoting impulse buying in your store but don’t know where to begin? With FTx Digital Signage, you can advertise new products and boost sales simultaneously. Our innovative digital signage solutions will improve branding and marketing in-store while boosting sales. With your sight on tomorrow, promote your new products with our exclusive digital menus and signs suited for any business, no matter what kind or size. Give one of our experts a call today to take the first step toward building the successful business of your dreams.

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