Digital Signage in Liquor Stores: 7 Benefits of Using Digital Signs to Sell Alcohol

  • By Danielle Dixon
  • Mar 21, 2023
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Digital Signage For Liquor Stores

Struggling to stand out in the crowded liquor market? Liquor store owners, we feel your pain.

What about liquor store digital signage? It’s not just a marketing buzzword. It’s a game-changer.

In today’s competitive landscape, grabbing customers’ attention is key. In liquor stores, it can help drive up average order values, build loyalty, and launch new products. But how can you do it?

With expensive ads or gimmicky marketing? Think again.

The solution is this: Digital signage. Digital signage in liquor stores is a powerful marketing tool that will help you promote products, engage customers, and boost sales. And it’s an increasingly necessary and valuable integration in your liquor store’s POS system.  

Ready to transform your liquor store? These 7 tips will introduce you to the benefits of digital signage and provide ways you can use in-store signage to grow your bottom line.

1. Use Digital Signage for Product Promotion

Digital signage isn’t just for show; it’s a powerful tool to highlight what’s new and exciting in your store. Special offers? Limited editions? Make them shine with digital signage.

Here’s how it works:

Imagine a customer walking in, drawn by a digital display of a newly launched bourbon whiskey. They try it, they love it, and they buy it. That’s the power of digital signage in liquor store.


  • Increased Sales: By promoting specific products, you draw customers’ attention and boost impulse buys.
  • Better Visibility: Showcase your premium products or hidden gems. Let them be seen.
  • Enhanced Customer Engagement: Engage customers with visually appealing displays. Make shopping an experience in your store that sets you apart.

Why It’s Important:

In a sea of bottles and brands, standing out is tough. In a liquor store, digital signage helps your products pop. It’s more than advertising; it’s about creating a connection – a connection that leads to sales.

With effective digital ads you can drive interest in your specialty. Or you introduce new products with a bang. This is why digital signage is included in the top POS systems for liquor stores.

How to Implement:

Start small. Choose a product or offer, and design a visually appealing display. You can use a digital signage management tool to rotate promotions to keep things fresh. Monitor sales to see what works.

2. Implement Interactive Menus

Interactive menus on digital signs aren’t just informative; they’re an invitation to explore. From tasting notes to food pairings, give customers the details they crave.

Here’s how it works:

Picture a customer, unsure about which wine to choose for dinner. They browse an interactive menu, learn about pairings, and select the perfect bottle. They leave happy, educated, and more likely to return.


  • Improved Customer Experience: No more guessing. Provide clear information about each liquor’s flavor, origin, and more.
  • Increased Knowledge: Educate customers about different liquors, helping them make informed choices.
  • Potential for Upselling: Suggest premium options or related products. Encourage exploration.

Why It’s Important:

Buying liquor isn’t always straightforward. Customers have questions. They want guidance. Interactive menus provide answers, build confidence, and enhance satisfaction.

How to Implement:

Create a user-friendly interface. Include images, descriptions, and recommendations. Update regularly to reflect new arrivals or seasonal favorites.

3. Leverage Digital Signage for Brand Storytelling

Every bottle has a story. Share the history, the process, the passion behind each brand. Make it come alive.

Here’s how it works:

A customer connects with the story of a family-run brewery (that you feature on a digital sign). They feel the passion, appreciate the craft, and buy the beer.


  • Builds Emotional Connection: Stories resonate. They create bonds between customers and brands.
  • Enhances Brand Perception: Elevate the image of the products you sell. Add value through storytelling.

Why It’s Important:

In a crowded market, differentiation is key. Stories set brands apart. They make customers care. You can tell your own brand story, or feature the brand stories of the products you sell.

How to Implement:

Choose compelling stories. Use visuals and text. Rotate to keep content fresh.

4. Use Digital Signage for Wayfinding

A liquor store can be a maze. Help customers navigate. Point them to the right bottle.

Here’s an example of how this works:

A customer finds the limited-edition rum they saw online, thanks to clear digital wayfinding. No hassle, they know exactly where to find it. Digital signage can be a powerful tool for connecting offline and in-store experiences.


  • Improved Customer Experience: Quick, easy navigation. No frustration.
  • Reduced Staff Intervention: Free up staff from giving directions. Let them focus on sales.

Why It’s Important:

Time is precious. Help customers find what they need, fast.

How to Implement:

Create clear, intuitive signs. Update as needed. Keep it simple, and use them to draw attention to / showcase high-value products.

For example, you might use a sign to draw customers to your premium liquor section.

5. Use Age Verification Reminders

Selling liquor comes with legal obligations. Use digital signage to remind customers about age verification. Promote responsible drinking.

Customer-facing displays at the register are really effective for this. They call attention to the reminder, without overpowering your store’s aesthetics.

Here’s how it works:

A customer notices and appreciates the reminder, and shows ID without prompt. Smooth process, positive impression. This is all about creating that high-value brand impression for your store.


  • Ensures Compliance: Stay on the right side of the law. No compromises.
  • Promotes Responsible Drinking: Show your commitment to community safety.

Why It’s Important:

Your reputation is at stake. Be responsible. Be respected. These signs will help you dissuade minors from trying to use fake IDs in your store. And it will help you build your reputation with customers.

How to Implement:

Display clear reminders. Use visuals that resonate. Keep the message consistent. These signs work best at register / check out, or near the entrance as customers enter your store.

6. Use Digital Signage for Event Announcements

Tastings, sales, events. Announce them with flair. Make your promotions unmissable. A strong digital sign draws the eye, and it provides the right amount of information to get the point across.

Need some help getting started? Follow these digital signage design tips.

Here’s how this works:

A customer sees the announcement for a wine tasting. They attend, they enjoy, they buy. Success. Often in-store ads are one of the most effective ways to promote to your audience (when they’re in your store). It’s like going to a comedy club, and the host saying next week we have…


  • Increases Customer Participation: Draw crowds. Make events a success.
  • Enhances Community Engagement: Build loyalty. Create buzz.

Why It’s Important:

Events are opportunities. Don’t let them slip by unnoticed. Ads in-store help you target one of your most valuable audiences – your existing customers.

This can help you drive or build loyalty. And turn causal shoppers into brand ambassadors… What’d you do this weekend Cathy? Oh, I went to the coolest wine tasting at [enter your shop’s name].

How to Implement:

Design eye-catching announcements. Use a digital signage scheduler to update the ads frequently. And include just the right amount of information.

Another option: Use a QR code to get people to scan on their phones. This is the best way to add information, without overloading your sign.

7. Use Digital Signage to Make Real-Time Updates

Stock levels, price changes, special alerts. Digital signage in liquor stores is the perfect way to keep customers in the loop. And you can do it in real-time.


  • Improved Customer Experience: No surprises. Just clear, up-to-date information.
  • Increased Operational Efficiency: Automated updates. Less manual work.

Why It’s Important:

Information is power. Empower your customers. Enhance trust.

How to Implement:

Integrate with inventory systems. Design clear displays. Keep it current.

Real-World Example:

A customer checks a digital sign for stock levels. Finds the last bottle of a favorite brand. Buys with a smile.

Start Using Digital Signage In Your Store

In the bustling world of liquor retail, standing out is both a challenge and a necessity. Digital signage has emerged as more than just a technological advancement; it’s a strategic asset that can redefine the way you connect with customers.

These seven tips are more than just ideas; they are actionable strategies that can transform your liquor store into a dynamic, engaging, and responsible retail space. By leveraging digital signage, you’re not just keeping up with the times; you’re staying ahead of the competition.

Ready to explore how digital signage can elevate your liquor store? Get in touch with FTx POS today. Along with our award-winning digital signage tool, we also offer a free designer AdPro, which is free with a Digital Signage subscription.

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