The Benefits of Digital Signage for Your Marketing Plan

  • By Danielle Dixon
  • Mar 23, 2023
  • Customer Engagement
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You decided to create your own pizzeria in your grandmother’s honor, giving others the opportunity to try your grandmother’s famous pizza recipe for themselves. Additionally, as a new business owner, you certainly have a ton of thoughts for the best marketing plan. The top three that come to mind are print, email, and social media marketing. But if you haven’t looked into the world of digital signage, you might be leaving out a crucial component of your plan to raise brand recognition, stimulate sales, and improve customer interaction. We’ll discuss a few key ways that digital signage can help your marketing approach in this blog post.

Entice your customers

Okay, so you’ve developed a new recipe for honey barbecue wings, and you want to offer them to your customers. To increase sales, it’s critical to draw in your target market. According to studies, digital displays receive 400% more views than static displays, making them a tried-and-true strategy for grabbing customers’ attention. In fact, 80% of customers claim to have entered a store after being drawn in by a digital sign. These signs, which can be placed in high-traffic areas of crowded malls or public spaces, can be crucial for driving customers into the doors of a variety of businesses, from shoe stores to yoga studios.

For example, eye-catching LED window displays can captivate customers with powerful images and engaging video, while a stylish digital standee placed in the store front can be utilized to entice customers with the latest deals and promotions. Just picture an animation playing across the mall of a batch of your wings being tossed in the honey barbecue sauce you made one evening, attracting the interest of mallgoers looking for a unique indulgence to commemorate yet another successful shopping trip.

Strengthen brand recall and awareness

To ensure top-of-mind recall is one of the most crucial goals of any business marketing strategy. Digital signage can increase brand awareness by 47.7%, according to InfoTrends. By incorporating their business’s aesthetics into their digital signage content to leave a mark, businesses can also improve brand recall and recognition. Digital signage has a recall rate of up to 83%, which is nearly twice as high as traditional advertising, according to Arbitron.

Give your sales a boost

For most businesses, improving the bottom line is a major motivator of marketing initiatives. 80% of firms that employ digital signage report a significant increase in sales of up to 33%, with a stronger appeal to impulsive rather than planned purchases. Purchases are influenced by in-store retail digital signage systems, such as videowalls, business tablets, and interactive screens.

Take Applebee’s as an example. Back in 2014, the beloved chain began installing tabletop tablets with self-order, pay, and game features in their restaurants. While waiting for their meal to arrive, a customer can keep busy and explore a variety of games on the tablet. They can even eye a delicious ice cream sundae on the tablet while finishing up their dinner, motivating them to order an extra treat for themselves. Furthermore, customers can also pay for their meal from the comfort of their table without having to wait for the waiter to finish the transaction process. This is all thanks to the convenience and aesthetics of digital signage.

Highlight fresh products and services

One of the fastest and most effective ways to promote new goods and services is through digital signs. It can build hype and interest to be able to introduce new products with captivating images and impressive video material. Additionally, it helps in the amplification of other campaign marketing initiatives like conventional advertising and social media marketing. The options are endless: a jewelry shop could promote a new bracelet collaboration with a local jewelry maker that is only available in-store, while a hair salon can use digital screens to highlight their December blowout special. Of course, this extends beyond the retail sector. For instance, hospitals can promote the availability of vaccines or other significant new health services, banks can highlight a new financial service for college students, and restaurants can promote the availability of special menu items that are only available for a limited time.

Let’s give this some thought for a moment. We’ve all witnessed this. Unsurprisingly, there are many delectable selections displayed on a large screen. The limited-edition key lime pie slice splashed across a section of the screen simply can’t be ignored, so you order it along with your dinner even though your original plan was to get a burger value meal. Anything from a dancing key lime pie to a straightforward illustration of one could be used to grab the attention of the customer pulling into the drive-thru. What matters is that it is front and center, and it is impossible to miss being displayed on a large, bright screen.

Make the brand experience unforgettable and cutting-edge

Customers today, whether they are buying, banking, dining out, or doing other daily activities, demand an increasing number of digital experiences. Brands that don’t follow digital trends may be seen as outdated and less capable than their more technologically advanced competitors. Customers’ trust in a brand could be impacted by this, with those perceived as more modern also being regarded as more trustworthy.

It is crucial that modern customer experiences include digital signage, which may be leveraged to improve how your business is perceived. While interactive self-ordering kiosks in quick-service restaurants or retail stores enable customers to connect with your business in a way that replicates the eCommerce experience offered online. Large, impressive interactive videowalls in pet stores, for example, convey a sense of innovation and amazement.

Develop creative ways to entertain and attract customers

Digital signage is one media that may grab and hold attention, although customers may be overloaded with other forms of marketing and advertising and consequently less inclined to respond. 75% of shoppers, according to Neilson, can remember seeing a digital billboard within the past month. This advantage can be used by businesses to attract customers and keep them interested.

Distribute unique, dynamic messaging

The customization of the message for your audience is a crucial component of a successful marketing plan. With digital signage, you have the freedom to highlight a variety of material catered to various customer personalities and interests as well as rapidly and easily adjust and change the content to best target your audience. For instance, a gym might advertise the advantages of aqua aerobics for senior residents while highlighting the workout options for expectant mothers.


Are you prepared to completely revamp your marketing plan and watch as your sales soar to entirely new heights? Make a big impression with FTx Digital Signage, a comprehensive suite of tools that will streamline your in-store marketing and boost sales. With the help of our solution, you can effectively present the in-store promotions for your business using eye-catching digital signage and uniquely designed material that appeals to your target audience. Whether you run a bagel shop or a fishing store, you can utilize in-store digital advertising that uses dynamic graphics, rotating digital ads, and compelling CTAs (call to actions) to draw customers in and increase sales. Curious to learn more? Reach out to us today to set up a consultation and have one of our specialists perform a demo for you.

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A New Solution Coming To FasTrax

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